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The prime objective of any living organism is to stay alive and breed. This is why every single thought wants to be heard. And this is most likely why they have made me put together this blog. It is a breeding platform and you are the soil.

You are at your own risk.

I hope you realize I am not able to live up to the title of this blog. To be present is without concepts, but what we have here is abstract thought. I can only hope the thoughts I am putting forward prove out to be of the kind that assist you and me to free ourselves from thought.

What is therefore being documented here are steps of my deluded journey along the path that can’t be walked; deep rooted unwillingness to leave the amusement park of the mind disguised as the search for now; pieces of thought asking to leave thought behind; pieces of wisdom but unwillingness to enter that wisdom; an attempt to talk about the truth that cannot be told.

Obviously, it is one thing to realize and quite another to actualize that realization. That is what is being witnessed here.

With this disclaimer, may these bits and pieces I have to offer have as dramatic impact on your life as they have had in mine. 


Markku Hakala